Today we argue that mediation is the best option that two parties have in conflict to resolve their problem.

Through good communication, moderated by a mediator, it is the parties themselves who solve a particular problem, whether it concerns family, trade, labor, neighborhood, etc.

The benefit of mediation can be seen in several aspects, it is cheaper than a trial, it takes less time than a court procedure, there is a high percentage that it leads to a healthier relationship between the parties because it gives them the satisfaction of that both reached an agreement for each of them, profitably. For instance, what if they leave that solution to the judgment of a judge, there is always one who loses and another who wins, once the judicial line is crossed, interpersonal relationships never return to the same point.

We have a calling for help, empathy and knowledge in labor, trade and family matters to support you in resolving your conflict.


What services do we offer?

Mediation - Business Conflicts

  • You have a dispute with your customer, supplier, debtor, business partner in an investment project or other business connection about price, quality, breach of contract or other conflict that you want to resolve quickly, relatively cheaply, but properly, discreetly and reliably.


  • Labor-related conflicts You have a labor conflict with your employee or manager with a subordinate where the stake is that employees are absent from work, avoid absenteeism by third parties in combination with poor working climate / working conditions, resolving refusal to work and following up on reintegration obligations by the employee, conflict resolution missing promotion and remuneration disputes are resolved in the short term with workable solutions.


  • Government and Business conflicts You have a conflict with the government or your employee is dealing with this and you suffer damage for sickness absence related to this.


In addition

In case of divorces with children, a divorce plan must be drawn up how the guardianship / parenthood. handling and maintenance obligations will expire in the future. Wills / estates often give rise to conflicts with beneficiaries of succession and / or people who have been excluded. Related mediation related services.

  • Medarb. At Medarb, two or more parties are involved in a mediator and they have ultimately jointly decided to engage an arbitrator to take the plunge for them. - Arbiter An arbitrator is the person who is engaged by two or more parties to judge a dispute in which the means of mediation has already been used and has not resulted in a solution.


  • Co-mediation Our organization has several mediators from different disciplines and knowledge backgrounds who can assist you in various types of mediation cases. However, given the conflict itself or due to the complexity of the number of parties involved in the conflict and having interests, two or more mediators may be required. Co-mediation aims to meet this demand.


  •  Expert opinion In mediation, an appeal can be made to the expert input of an external third party who can provide reliable and important advice with his or her expertise. publishing about an essential part of mediation, for example in the field of taxation, employment law, financing issues. Within our organization we can assist you in a number of these areas.


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